Meet Jenny Rose

Physiotherapist, Gateshead and Belmont Practice

Originally from the UK, I started my physiotherapy career honing my skills across various hospital settings. With a focus on emergency care, orthopaedics, frailty, and rehabilitation, I have accumulated a wealth of clinical experience. Recently, I made the move to Newcastle, where I’ve transitioned into private practice, and I’m eager to bring my expertise to a new community.

I’m deeply committed to fostering strong therapeutic relationships and empowering my clients to reach their health and wellness goals. I believe in making a tangible, positive difference in people’s lives through tailored rehabilitation programs and insightful education.

A globetrotter at heart, I thrive on exploring diverse cultures and forging connections worldwide. My leisure time often finds me indulging in sports viewing, sampling local delicacies, or staying active with a leisurely run.

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