Meet Nicole Pereira

Physiotherapist, Gateshead and Belmont Practice

Nicole Periera

With a robust background in physiotherapy and Pilates instruction, I’ve dedicated my career to aiding clients in achieving their best physical health. Starting in 2015, I began my professional journey at Nelson Bay Physiotherapy, merging my expertise in physiotherapy with Pilates to offer a holistic approach to rehabilitation and wellness. Since 2019, I’ve been part of the Macquarie Physiotherapy team, where I continue to enjoy rehabilitating sports injuries, post-op recovery, and the enhancing overall well-being through tailored exercise prescriptions.

My approach to physiotherapy revolves around examining the biomechanical chain, with a keen interest in treating conditions related to the knee and hip joints. What sets me apart is my comprehensive perspective on physical health, coupled with certifications that enhance my ability to treat a broad spectrum of injuries.

Outside of work I’m an avid lover of the outdoors, travel, beach days, and camping adventures, always seeking to balance professional life with the rejuvenating essence of nature.

Nicole Periera

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